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About us-

how our wholesale company grew.

Celebrating 10 years!

Ohio Stoneware was excited to celebrate ten years of business on July 9th, 2015, in our newly acquired 32,000 square foot warehouse and office space in downtown Zanesville. Commemorative tiles designed by a local artist were offered for sale along with a limited selection of vases and mugs with the anniversary date fired on them. Over the ten years, growing pains have been experienced and we continue to strive to meet the demands of our customers by expanding the business at a pace it can support. 

If you are interested in purchasing; send us an email at info@ohiostoneware.com and we will send you our price list. Please note that we are a wholesale company only!

Ohio Stoneware

First opened in 2005, in Zanesville, Ohio; Ohio Stoneware is one of America's last remaining commercial pottery manufacturers, operating in what used to be the Pottery Capital of the World. From humble beginnings, when the product line contained only ten items, to a product line today that carries well over two hundred items. We are a family owned business and pride ourselves on manufacturing quality, American made stoneware. Our pieces are fired at approximately 2,200 degrees, and are processed through a kiln cycle (which heats and cools) for roughly 18 hours. Our glazes are second to none, and will withstand the rigors of daily use for many, many years.

If you are a current customer, we truly appreciate your business and support. If you are not yet purchasing from us, we sincerely welcome the opportunity to begin a relationship. We will do whatever is necessary to garner your satisfaction and we invite you to become part of the Ohio Stoneware family.

How it's made

The process begins with processed clay. We use our own recipe of clay mixture to get just the right consistency. Once the clay has been mixed with water, it goes through the pug mill and is formed into snake like slugs. We cut the slugs according to the size of piece that we are making. Each piece is made on a forming press in a metal mold. Depending on the size of item we can make up to 1200 pieces of one item in a day!


02. Once coming off of the press, it is hand finished and moved to the dryer. After it has dried, we hand spray each piece with glaze. All of our glazes are made on site and are made of recipes unique to us.


03. After the piece is glazed, it’s ready to be fired. We fire at approximately 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. The firing process takes about twelve hours from the time of lighting the kiln to the time we open the kiln. Once the kiln has been opened and the pieces have cooled, the finished pieces are stamped on the bottom with our name, inventoried and stocked

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